Chronos Lone Worker

Chronos Lone Worker allows you to track the location of your workers, enabling compliance with the European Lone Worker Directive. It is suitable for applications where you don't necessarily need to send information / jobs to the worker (our Manager product does all that and more), but you just need to know that the worker arrived at a location and left it safely.

A small app on the worker's smartphone or other device reports back location in real time. These details are stored allowing you to see where a device has been and where it currently is.

Workers can check in on arrival and set a timer for a specified interval. When that interval arrives, the worker's device begins remindng the worker. A passcode is then required to either cancel the reminder or extend the time. If the worker does not respond, the app becomes increasingly insistent and also begins reporting these failures back to the server. You set the escalation rules and can decide what happens next - alerts and messages can be sent to another group of users, who can then decide what action to take next.

For potentially volatile situations, an accompanying app can be deployed to an Android Wear Smartwatch. If the worker's phone has been removed from them or lost, they can cancel any reminders or press a "panic" button to immediately send a message requesting assistance.

Management and visibility of Lone Workers is carried out using a Repsonsive web dashboard, so you can access your data anywhere. As with our other products, we can also advise you on ways of exporting the data Lone Worker provides for use in your own systems.