Route Scheduling

When you allocate jobs to staff using Chronos, an optimised route for that day's jobs can be calculated. Using the Google Maps system and up to date traffic / weather information, the route will be optimised to ensure the most economical route is chosen.

This will reduce the amount of fuel used by vehicles, the wear and tear on vehicles and the time between servicing schedules. In addition, your staff will be more efficient as they're completing jobs in the quickest manner.

Chronos can also display elements of a route, so if the member of staff is lost, for example, staff in the office can guide them to their destination. This can be extermely useful when office staff can use the satellite view to identify tracks and buildings that may not be visible to them on the ground.

In addition, Chronos can also send an automated SMS message to other jobs along the route notifying them of the staff member's progress, so your customers can get an accurate estimated time of arrival

If you look at the screen shot below, you'll see that Chronos also shows you the status of jobs - completed, cancelled, outstanding etc.