Handheld Device Management

There are several screens for various elements of Mobile Device Management, but the Overview screen gives most of the information you need at a glance.  The most useful is the Engineer's Overview screen. As you can see from all of the screen shots below, the main ribbon toolbar also provides icons with badges that update in real time. This example shows that there are 69 jobs completed and 1 outstanding. Clicking these buttons opens the relevant jobs in a gird where you can drill down and open individual jobs.

Screen shot 1 shows the grid overview, and from here you can drill down to each engineer's jobs, and then from there open individual jobs to view them.

The second screen shot shows a pie chart with an overview of how the work schedule is progressing throughout the day. To the right is a grid showing any engineers with a synchronisation due. You'll see the traffic light system wherever a device is displayed - green means they've synchronised within the last hour, orange is between 1 and 2 hours and red means they haven't synchronised for over 2 hours.

The last screen displays the last reported position of devices. Clicking one will display the user name and the date/time, as shown.