Letter Generation

Chronos has its own built-in Word Processor module. This has most of the everyday features of Microsoft Word, including layout support / tables and a real time spell checker. Microsoft Word is not required on PCs to create standard letters.

As you can see below, there are a wide range of options, including letter Overlays. These allow you to overlay a letter heading on the document - this can be your standard company letter or a customised one for each client. For example, if you work with local authorities you may need to send out letters with their logo in addition to your own. Chronos allows you to use the template designer to create variations of your letter heading for each client.

The power of the Chronos Letter Generator is shown below. You simply drag standard fields from the database to where you want the text to appear in the letter, and type the rest. The fields below are for the heating module, your available fields may differ.

When you have a property open on screen, you select the New Letter option to create a letter. The selection screen opens, where you select the template you want to create. A Recent Templates list is shown for convenience. The letter will then be generated with all the fields completed and then opened, allowing you to check and make any changes you require before saving it to the property's history.