Job Allocation

Jobs are allocated to workers using a wizard. The wizard can find workers with availability on a specific date, or show workers that are in th eproximity of a job within a given date range.

The example in the first screen shot below shows us trying to find an engineer for a specific day. You can see that one name is in red and has a column to the right with the words 'View..'. This denotes that we have some sort of planned absence for the engineer and that you should view the details. The engineer shown in blue is the preferred engineer for this property (this is set in the property details). The third screen shot shows the details of the absence, and asks if you still want to add the engineer to the job, which yuo can override.

In the third screenshot, we've asked the wizard to find us an engineer that is within 10 miles of the property up to a months' time - these are the defaults and you can change them.

The house icon denotes the property we are planning a job for, and around it will be user icons denoting the location of other engineers. You can click these as shown to see details of the engineer and what date they are at the job.

Finally, the last screen shot shows a summary of the appointment that will be created, you click the finish button to complete the appointment.