Fleet Management

Chronos provides several modules for fleet vehicle management. Firstly, you can record details of all relevant information for a vehicle (MOT, Service Dates etc.) - see the first Screenshot below.

When a vehicle is returned or handed out, you can record the details and condition of the vehicle (Screen shot 2).

Lastly, you can also record photographs of the vehicle. This is useful for recording the condition of the vehicle or pointing out known problems. In the event of an accident, damage can also be recorded for future reference.

Chronos can also send regular reports reminding you that a vehicle is due for an MOT, Service etc.

Some of this information is updated as engineers sign into work for the day. Usually the first thing they are required to do is a vehicle inspection and mileage check. Any problems reported by the engineer are emailed to the fleet controller. The mileage details they provide are used to update the vehicle's details, and this is also used to trigger a service reminder if it takes the vehicle over the mileage limit.