Device Tracking

Chronos can track devices and plot their current and past locations on a Google Map embedded in Chronos Desktop. This feature can be turned off for individual devices, as can the update frequency.

By default, Chronos tracks devices every 15 minutes or every time it moves by 20 metres. You can change this for less or more frequent updates, depending on how important location is to you.

In the sample screen below, we're looking at the route a user has taken between two dates/times, which we select and then click the Refresh button to update the map. Each red dot indicates a movement or scheduled time update. The last known location is also displayed automatically, and clicking a red dot pops up a balloon indicating the date and time the device was at that location. If you also want to see where a device was at a specific time, you can click one of the red dots in the left hand column and the map will zoom in and centre on that location.

As this is an embedded Google Map, you can do all the things you normally can - zoom in / out, overlay satellite / terrain / traffic etc., and drag the peg man to display the Street View.