Chronos Surveyor

We've been working alongside the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for more than three years to create an application for creating / managing various survey types.

At present we have a licence to complete and print the official Home Buyers' Report forms, with more to be added in future.

Stock Phrases

Chronos surveyor allows you to complete the Report using stock phrases for elements. You can select from a standard built in range of phrases or add your own phrases for your company or personal use.

Rich Media

Take photographs, text notes and voice memos for each element individually. Use these as an aid when you later complete the report. On Android devices, you can even use Text to Speech to dictate your responses to questions on the form.

Floor Plans / Site sketches

Using a tablet device also allows you to take site sketches and view floor plans while on site.

Report Validation

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of using a mobile device to complete reports is the automatic checking facility. Questions and elements of the report are demmed to be mandatory or advisory, and when you complete the report on the device a check is carried out. Any elements that haven't been completed will be listed, and you'll be able to quickly go to that section to complete any items you may have missed.