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No matter what industry you work in, Chronos can make your mobile workers more productive whilst also ensuring you comply with employment laws. Chronos has been designed to be extensible to include whatever data capture you need to make. We will tailor Chronos to work with whatever job completion or other documents you already use.

Chronos is a property management system. Using Chronos allows you to schedule works for a range of properties and customers. Currently there are custom modules allowing completion of Landlord Gas Safety Certificates, Minor Works, Electrical / Building Works and maintenance of Commercial Cleaning Contracts. We are able to tailor the system to any mobile worker sectors, no matter what your workers do. Contact us for a no obligation discussion of your requirements.

The Chronos system has been developed continously since 2003. The underlying technologies are extremely robust, having been honed and refined over the years. As new technologies emerge, we endeavour to embrace them. That's why Chronos on the desktop uses the modern Microsoft Ribbon interface, and the web portal is fully responsive - the experience will be the same regardless of what type of device you use. Our system are tested with the latest versions of Windows, Android and iOS to ensure they work flawlessly. If you want to be sure that the solution you choose today will be the system you can use tomorrow, choose Chronos.

With such a long history, it's difficult to list all of the features avialable in the Chronos components. We've listed a few below, but if you want to know more about what Chronos can do, why not download the user manuals ? When you're ready to see what Chronos has provided to hundreds of users, contact us for your free no obligation trial ?


The Chronos Manager desktop application is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP onwards. It's been tested with Windows 10 Anniversary update in both 32 and 64 bit versions. Installation is simple - just download the setup program, install it, enter your activation code and it's ready. If you need help installing Chronos, click here. When you're up and running, these are just some of the features :
Multi-User, Multi-Location
Multi-User capable. Hundreds of users can access the system simultaneously. The desktop software can connect to the system from anywhere - deploy to remote offices, work from home etc. Install it on a laptop and so long as you have Internet access, you can use the system just as easily as sitting in the office.
Device Tracking
More Info Track device location and see where it's been at any date / time. No need for vehicle tracking, this could save you a small fortune.
Gas Safety Certificates and Other Forms
Create Landlord Gas Safety Certificates, OFTEC CD10/CD11 etc., NAPIT forms or your own paperwork. Chronos has support for almost any type of form you can imagine. If you have a specific form or format you need to create / print, we can add it to Chronos.
Letter Generation
More Info Chronos has its own built-in Microsoft Word compatible word processor. This support tables, images and a host of other formatting. Its real power comes from the template designer that allows you to use merge fields from Chronos data, then generate letters with the details completed automatically.
Stock / Parts Control
If your company carries any stock parts, use Chronos to control stock levels. Order parts, manage suppliers and preferred suppliers for parts. Transfer parts between warehouses / vans and manage report on warehouse / van stocks. When parts are received, automatically create jobs to fit the parts.
Resource Planning
More Info A built in resource planning module allows you to see at a glance how many workers are required on which day and how many jobs are planned. Line charts provide a quick, visual method of spotting peak requirements.
Works Schedule Management
Chronos can manage your service and maintenance schedules. Receive reminders of upcoming anniversary dates and allocate jobs to workers. See site history at a glance as you are planning visits and perform batch operations on groups of properties - e.g. in the same postcode area.
Job Allocation
More Info Allocate jobs to workers based on the number of job slots required. Chronos tracks absence, holidays preferred employee and will warn you if an employee is either not available or is not the preferred employee.
Absence Tracking
More Info Use a familiar Outlook style calendar interface to manage workers' absence and holidays. Then see workers' calendars at a glance using a day, week, month or year view . Easily spot absence patterns.
Vehicle Fleet Management
More Info Chronos can store fleet vehicle details. Get reminders of Servicing dates, MOT Dates, Insurance renewal dates and finance details. Book vehicles in / out, so you always have a full history of the vehicle's movements. Add photographs of vehicles, damage etc. for a full history of a vehicle.
Route Scheduling
New.. Allocate jobs to staff and Chronos can optionally calculate the optimal route for the day. This will save you not only time, but also expensive fuels costs, vehicle wear and tear and increasing the time between vehicle servicing. Chronos can also automatically send an SMS message to inform customers that you're on your way to them.
Full Site History
More Info See at a glance everything that's ever happened at a property. See details of work completed, notes added by employees, scanned document and any other information you need to retain for future reference.
Worker Competencies
For heating companies, save details of Gas Safe registration, along with competencies. Then search for an employee with competencies required.
Manage Handheld Devices
More Info A dashboard allows you to quickly see the status of all employees' devices. Send messages, lock / unlock devices and modify device permissions. Allocate devices to engineers and send push messages directly to employees.
Document Imaging
Built-in image scanning support allows you to store electronic documents. For properties, this could be copies of correspondence received or documentation received - for example, a certificate provided by a third party contractor. These can then be retrieved, viewed, printed and emailed directly from Chronos.
Contract Type Management
If you provide support contracts to your customer, manage the details in Chronos. define your own contract types, contract duration and type of appliances or other elements covered. Then when a call is received from a customer, see at a glance the contract status as you are creating the job.
Warranty Reminders
For parts purchased for a property, you can save details of any warranties provided by the supplier. then whenever you are ordering a part for a property, you can see which parts are currently under warranty. It might save you re-ordering that expensive part !
Push / Pull Notifications
Send messages directly to a device from Chronos Desktop. This doesn't use SMS, so there is no cost.
Chronos has a wide range of reports built-in. These cover items from stock reports through to financial and KPI reports. Some of these are interactive - i.e. you can drill down on them. Others can be printed or emailed to others. There are also a few reports that can be emailed directyl to users - e.g. a report of parts that have been on order for more than three days, or vehicles with an MOT due. We can also write bespoke reports if Chronos doesn't currently have the one you want.
Quality Control Checking
Do you need to carry out quality control checks on completed jobs ? Chronos can randomly select the number of jobs you require based on the criteria you set - date, employee and even proximity to a postcode.

Smart Devices

Chronos currently runs on most versions of Android, and fully supports most screen sizes including tablets. Due to demand, a new version of Chronos will be released by the end of October 2016 that also supports iOS (Apple) devices.

Not all features are available on every device type - for example, site surveys are impractical on a phone but extremely useful on a tablet device with its larger screens. Chronos generally detects the type of device it's running on, and the screen size, and adapts itself accordingly. You can check current Operating System Compatiblity here.
Offline mode
Chronos has been designed from the beginning to be a "disconnected" application. While an Internet connection is required to exchange data with the office, jobs and other information is stored on the device until it can be sent back to the server. A worker that is working in an area with poor data reception can continue using Chronos without regard to the state of their data connection. When a connection is re-established, Chronos will pick up from where it left off.
Push Technology
Chronos sends jobs and other status updates in real time using "Push" technology. So when you create a job, as long as the worker has Internet access the details will arrive within seconds. Messages sent from Chronos Desktop will also appear on the device as soon as possible. Completed jobs and other data is sent back in the background, even if the app is closed.

When no Internet connection is available, Chronos will retry sending and receiving data at regular intervals until it's successful.
Site Surveys
Site surveys are only available on tablet sized devices, due to the screen size of smaller phone devices. Draw on the screen much as you would in a notepad, with annotations. Chronos also supports symbols, so if you require a specific set of symbols (e.g. Sanitary ware) these can be added by us - all you need to do is let us know what the symbols are and we'll create a set.
Use the device camera to take photographs which are then assigned to a job. The details are synchronised back to the office, where the photographs are stored and can be viewed by other users in the desktop software. Useful for keeping a record of poor work, dangerous situations etc.
Full Site History
Workers can view the site history from their devices. Drill down into previous jobs to get a picture of the works that have been carried out. This helps to reduce wasted time carrying out duplicate or unnecessary works.
Create Jobs on Premises
An address lookup function allows workers to find an existing address and create a job on the premises. Useful if a new task is requested at the same time as a planned visit.
Time Sheets / Other Paperwork
Workers can complete time sheets from their devices. In future more standard paperwork will be added - holiday request forms, requisitions etc.
Management Information
Managers can view current work schedules and drill down to specific jobs for individual workers. A pie chart and grid show an overview of how you're doing for any day.
Technical Diagrams
A large database (around 20,000 images) of standard parts diagrams for heating appliances is available on the device. Chronos Desktop allows you to add your own images that can then be shared among your users.
Parts Ordering
A database containing standard parts and First Line Spares for a range of heating appliances is supplied with the software. You can then add any of your own spares using Chronos Desktop. Engineers can then order parts from these lists or use a free text box to manually add a part to order. This is then allocated to the job and appliance, allowing you to easily find the recipient of a part when it's received.
Extra Tools
Some extra tools have been added, with more to come in future. Currently there's a torch, room BTU calculator and a Gas Flow Rate Calculator (this is available as a separate app).
Vehicle Checks
You can decide whether employees with a company vehicle are required to carry out a vehicle check every day. When workers use Chronos for the first time each day, they will be required to complete a vehicle check form and sign to accept that the vehicle is legal to drive. Any defects reported are automatically forwarded by email to the Fleet Administrator.