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One of our customers, Renuvo Ltd., has created a video showing Chronos Manager in use :

What is Chronos ?

Chronos has been developed continuously since 2003, when it started life as a Gas heating management system. Over time it has evolved into a mobile worker management system, with support for many industry types. Advanced Scheduling capabilities ensure that you always adhere to your Service Schedule.

Mobile Worker Management

No matter what industry you work in, Chronos can make your mobile workers more productive whilst also ensuring you comply with employment laws. Chronos has been designed to be extensible to include whatever data capture you need to make. We will tailor Chronos to work with whatever job completion or other documents you already use.

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Do you have an existing IT system ?

There are many job scheduling and worker management systems on the market. Lots of these are disparate systems that cannot communicate with each other, so you end up with maybe two or three pieces of software to complete different parts of the job.

There may even be manual processes to transfer data between these applications. We are happy to discuss how elements of the Chronos system can be incorporated into existing systems - for example, to enable workers to complete tasks on a mobile device.

For over twenty years, we have been helping our customers to integrate these types of systems. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion of your requirements, and see if we can help you.